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The New Years Eve Packages can no longer be booked for 2012/2013.

Golden New Years featuring Deadmau5

Golden New Year Eve is the biggest international New Years Eve Celebration along the border. Held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre on New Years Eve 2012. Usher in a beautiful new year with a beautiful lineup:
The Hometown Hero from Niagara Falls is bringing the beat home with what should be one of the most impressive performances Niagara Falls has seen this year.

Chris Lake
The beat bandit from Scotland will help you to rock that body. All puns aside, Chris lake can take your favourite song and turn it into everyone's favourite song.

DJ Burns
Originally the warmup DJ for Deadmau5, his by the book approach makes him in demand. See him live on NYE.

The wildcard that will be bringing Drvgs to Niagara Falls.

the SOUR DJs
Another solid act that will round out the Niagara Falls Demolition Crew on New Years Eve, newer and louder.

This event is walking distance from the Fireworks Show, Couples Concert, and other New Years Eve Events and is likely going to be the fastest paced high-energy event in Niagara Falls for New Years Eve. DeadMau5 and the New Years Eve A-Team will be taking New Years Eve to a new level. The Golden New Years Eve has been running for at least three years bringing the best Electronica, Electroswing, DnB, Dubstep, Hardstyle, and more to Niagara Falls for New Years Eve.